Mirai by Nirman

An iconic 30 floor high-rise in the thriving business district

199, Bir Uttam Mir Shawkat Sarak,


A seamless, elegant experience

Mirai by Nirman is a landmark new addition to Tejgaon—a place built for business, right at the heart of the business district. What makes it unique is the experience of working in this 30-storey architectural gem, nestled in an iconic location.

An impressive view

The stunning glass tower is a striking, impressive sight as you approach the intelligently designed parking and drop off areas. But it also offers memorable views from inside, including unobstructed vistas out across the Hatirjheel lake and surrounding city.

An accessible base
for your business

Mirai by Nirman is strategically located with unmatched road access to the surrounding area. Whether you’re arranging a meeting, receiving guests, or simply trying to simplify your commute, you’ll find the tower is quick and easy to access from anywhere in the city.

From state-of-the-art technology to sustainability, we’ve developed the tower with the very best of everything. It’s there in every part of your day. The well-appointed offices are full of natural light and fresh air from the central AC – a tranquil getaway from the noise of traffic, the heat of the day, and the crowded city. It’s a level of quality and exclusivity you can feel the moment you step into the stunning reception area with its high ceilings, glass façade, and grand reception desk.

A carefully
selected global

Nirman is a family-owned business with a strong reputation throughout Bangladesh, but we’re also proud to partner with experts from around the world.

Working with award-winning architects and engineers, we’re able to deliver commercial property in a league of its own—not just safe and sustainable, but genuinely innovative and impressive, inside and out.

30 floors of efficiency
and productivity

Right at the heart of the business district, Mirai by Nirman is a contemporary, modern building that means business. Stunning glazing and an emphasis on natural light create a sense of space and elegance that’s appropriate for even the most discerning businesses.

Inside, you’ll find everything you need to enjoy a productive day—from a grand reception and waiting lounge to smart lifts, connectivity and secure car parking. So you can meet, work and focus in a place that meets the highest standards. All with stunning views out over the nearby Hatirjheel lake.

More than
an office

The offices may be at the core of Mirai by Nirman, but a successful day at work takes more than workspace. That’s why we’ve added a number of on-site amenities to help your day run smoothly.

Take a well-earned break in the on-site pool. Meet guests over lunch in the rooftop restaurant. Work out after work in the on-site gym. Whatever your day looks like, you’ll find everything you need is just a moment away.

Prestige meets

Mirai by Nirman is the perfect place to work and meet, with every detail combining form and function.

Working in partnership with award-winning architects, we’ve created a place where style meets substance and stunning design is supported by state-of-the-art security and key facilities like 5 levels of parking.

Designed for business

A safe, comfortable,
and desirable place to work

Quality in every

Whether you’re setting up a local hub or looking to create a landmark HQ, Mirai by Nirman is well-appointed with everything you need.

At every stage of design and development, we’ve taken the time to understand what the most uncompromising businesses really need – and then go above and beyond these expectations. So you can work with confidence in a location where everything has been taken care of.

Industry leading

Throughout the tower, you’ll find best-in-class technology to keep you safe, secure and productive. Every office area is equipped with a telephone and internet connection, while the entire building is covered by a comprehensive fire protection system, alarms, CCTV and smart lifts with destination controls.

We’ve prioritised innovation in every decision—ideal for forward-thinking businesses who want to be at the forefront of workplace technology.

Built for safety
and sustainability

Working closely with European structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing consultants. Mirai by Nirman has undergone robust testing against a range of environmental conditions. These include wind tunnel tests to ensure resilience. We’ve also conducted in-depth traffic studies to ensure the parking and drop-off experience is safe and seamless.

The tower is being built with efficiency in mind, including double glazing and solar panels. This green technology helps keep the tower cool in the summer and warm in winter, while still controlling energy costs and environmental impact.

A world-class home for the most discerning businesses

Widely recognised as Dhaka’s most important business district, Tejgaon is home to the HQs of every major bank, the media, and more. Driven by years of economic growth, the surrounding area is now also equipped with some of the capital’s finest restaurants, hotels, cafes and amenities.

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